[WATCH] The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense…(10+ New Pics)

For the abundance of ATMs and their presence in the streets and sometimes without guard, temptations are increasing among the weak souls We are trying to shed light on some of these risks with this important information for all credit card users.

Using associate ATM alone is risky lately, particularly at the hours of darkness. Security cameras, cubicle-type walls, and even armed guards are found out at bound locations to discourage muggers and opportunists, however there is one defense mechanism that could prove to be even more effective – and all it will ask for in return is a treat.

That’s right. Photos are appearing on the Internet of people carefully positioning their canine crew behind them while using ATMs, and while these pups may look cute and cuddly at first glance, there’s no doubt that any hand that comes near their human while banking is most likely not going to come back in good condition. “This is a good strategy. I would be way too distracted trying to pet the dogs to steal her information,” one social media user alternatively stated.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog and wish yet one more sensible reason to, here you’re. If you have already got one, it’d be time to begin accomplishment them as your official money withdrawal guard dog. Scroll down for all the proof you wish.

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Here are some tips to ensure maximum confidentiality of your transactions through ATM:

● Change your PIN periodically and keep it for yourself in your memory and not written anywhere.

● Select a unique secret number that is difficult for others to predict.

● Do not associate your PIN with any personal data such as your birthdate or phone numbers.

● Do not reveal your PIN to anyone.

● Avoid using ATMs in remote and unprotected locations.

● It is advisable to review your bank accounts on a regular basis to make sure that no one has entered them, and also to identify any unusual movements that have been carried out on your account.

● Sign your card and always keep it in a safe place or with you and do not give it to anyone.

● If you wish to be alerted by the bank to any movement on your account or credit card, you can subscribe to the banking service.

● If you notice anything suspicious at an ATM such as having people tampering with the place to insert the card, number pad or other suspicious activity, do not use that device and immediately report your suspicions to the bank.

● Do not enter your card by force in its place if you feel that the ATM is not working well for any reason. Press the Cancel button, drag your card, and notify the bank. If the card is lost or withdrawn at the teller, notify the bank immediately to stop the card.

● Be sure to redeem the card after each transaction and use your card only at ATMs and POS terminals in your well-known public places.

● When using the card at a point of sale, it is strongly recommended that the seller record the amount on the card with your presence and always recommend entering your secret number when the transaction is executed. Uncheck unused cards and destroy canceled cards.

● Stand near the ATM and use your body as a goggle and some additional protection for your card and PIN.

● Do not allow someone to help you or guide you during any transaction on your ATM.

● Control / monitor your transaction with regard to the limits of daily withdrawal via ATM.