Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce Businesses

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce Businesses, We know that ordinary trade is limited to simple basic elements (as a seller – a place or a place – a buyer – a product displayed – a specific time of presentation). As for e-commerce, eCom Success Academy is a more general, comprehensive and much broader idea. Its components are “bought from any country – a seller from anywhere – a platform for sale at any time and from any place.” It reaches them within one minute at the most without transportation, dates or obstacles. No cost Is not this exciting to search for and explore the secrets of e-commerce? In the era of informatics, websites that sell products, services, information, or any of the things that most of us may need are published electronically.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

As a salesman instead of wearing your clothes and getting out early to take a transport or even your own car, then you go to a place like a market or a mall or similar companies and large shops to find a market to sell your favorite product, or you may consider creating a market for you to rent a place at a high price Place a fine and pay electricity, taxes and rent and restrict yourself to attend at the date and closure on time or on your behalf salary at a cost added to your own. In the end, it is usually won sometimes fruitful and sometimes does not suit fatigue and cost.

Instead, e-commerce can be taken into consideration. As for you as a buyer may pass the same stage and after the trouble and cost of money and time you may not find what you are looking for! Or you may not like the price or quality and do not find many alternatives available to expose the purchase, or have to buy the next to do so unconvinced, and from these things we start to list some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.

– The advantages of e-commerce

1 – Do not need a large capital where you can create an electronic store with a symbolic or free rent sometimes, and in terms of labor cost is also less than the traditional store because the online store runs itself completely of employees and cashiers and collectors and accountants, it works as a full institution throughout the day and without salary.

2. Sale and purchase of products, services or information is not limited to a particular place or time. You can buy and sell throughout the day instead of a specified period of day. In terms of extension, the site may include cities, even entire countries. You may buy your products if they are suitable in terms of price and quality. Customers from all over the world, is not this better than the traditional store ?!

3. E-commerce platforms are also not restricted by a specific framework or space. Thousands of products or services can be displayed in one place without difficulty.

4 – easy to create platforms selling and buying is limited steps such as photo upload and identification of product data, pricing and multiple shipping methods, and finally determine the appropriate payment method, all at a time when you remember sitting in your house running it freely and safely and even compete for global markets ! You, too, are a push-button from your mobile phone or computer. You can surf thousands of products and alternatives over the Internet, choose what suits you best, and select payment and shipping methods that will suit you with no hassle and no cost in time and effort.

5 – Ease of competition in this field ‘e-commerce’ where the percentage of corruption in traditional trade, which may be a monopoly in favor of a certain category of society, and it is known that increasing competition in trade in general is always in favor of the consumer.

But for a moment ?! This is not all that is not so simple. There are also obstacles to both the seller and the buyer in e-commerce, which are not impossible to solve and are not complex, technical defects, including the behavior of the user and what is related to the 7 Figure Cycle systems of countries.

– The disadvantages of electronic commerce

1 – The philosophy and culture of trade is not widespread in the Arab world How many of us know what electronic commerce and how to be buying and selling through the Internet? How many of us have a means of payment such as bank cards or bank accounts? How many of us know how to choose the appropriate shipping method to ensure the arrival of the product at a cost is not high?

2 – The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčelectronic bank accounts is unclear because there is no actual institution in the Arab countries linking electronic banks with real banks, which increases the tension and anxiety about the injection of funds in electronic commerce by the seller and the buyer alike, as the buyer in particular does not trust sometimes in Means of payment of indirect money which does not guarantee the arrival of the product originally.

3 – Government monitoring and monitoring in particular, and the laws of the Internet are not activated or exist in the form that increases the confidence in commercial sites and therefore few of them gain confidence and spread slowly.

4 – piracy operations and the proliferation of hackers and hackers questioning the means of security and protection because of the difficulty of monitoring the Internet and the prohibition of these and reduce the theft of accounts.

5- There is no institution responsible for the Internet nor a law governing financial relations. In cases of fraud, you can only find what is being said to you about this. The law does not protect the fools or the Internet.

These are some of the obstacles and disadvantages as well as the advantages. We hope to adopt ideas to solve these problems in the Arab world. In the West, these problems are very narrow because the institutions are present and tangible and the transactions on the Internet are normal, routine and reliable due to technological progress, which we hope to follow soon. In the safety of God.

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